Download PDF by Isaac Asimov: A Distant Puzzle: The Planet Uranus

By Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0836811364

ISBN-13: 9780836811360

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By Isaac Asimov

ISBN-10: 0836811364

ISBN-13: 9780836811360

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Objects like planets and axis: the imaginary line planet rotates. rings: bits of matter that helium: a light, colorless gas that, along with hydrogen, makes up the atmosphere of Uranus. celestial bodies and even landing on some of them. " one billion would then be represented by 1 followed by twelve zeroes In these countries, 1,000,000,000,000: Bode's Law: a formula far that quantity, or amount, of matter know exists and believe may exist. later turned out to be false. crater: a hole in the ground caused by a volcanic explosion or meteor strike.

Perhaps the next probe will even carry humans with it! be discovered? When Uranus was first lag. Scientists looked for, named Neptune. seem to follow exactly the law of gravity as it turned around the Sun. It seemed to lag a bit. Perhaps there was another large planet beyond it that had not yet been discovered. The gravitational pull of this more distant planet wdsn allowed found, and for If this were considered, might account for Uranus 's not yet been found. If not, what causes that last bit of lag?

2 7 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 Index Ariel moons of Uranus 10-11,23 14-15,20-21,23,26, 28-29 atmosphere of Uranus 1 2, 15,24 axis, tilted, of Uranus 8,11, 28 Neptune 6, planetesimals 8-9 Pluto 26 comets 5 core of Uranus 16, 17 craters 20-2 1,23 Pope, Alexander rings of Saturn Uranus 4-5, 10-11, 12-13, 15,20,26 1 Saturn 5,6, George III, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18,20 1 King George's Star Born 12-13 rings of 5, 11 Flamsteed, John 1 quiet giant 12 Earth 6,8, 11, 12, 17,20, 22-23, 24 gas giants 16-17,24-25,26 Oberon 10-11,20-21,23 Bode, Johann 6 Bode's Law 6 England 4-5, 10-11, Shakespeare, William sideways planet 8-9 1 11 Solar System 8-9, 23, 24, gravity and gravitational pull Sun 5,6,8, 17,26 1 1920.

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