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By David Miller

Illustrated consultant to fashionable Sub Hunters

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By David Miller

Illustrated consultant to fashionable Sub Hunters

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Eight anti-ship missile launchers are on her foredeck, with numerous other missiles on the superstructure and 3m (76mm) guns for more conventional defence. She also carries radars and sonar The — a major departure from US practice. first-generation Yak-38 Forger aircraft took but by the late-1980s were some time to work up properly a professional force, displaying a rolling take-off which had hitherto been thought impossible in the West. The first and Minsk, are identical, but the third-of-class, Novorossiysk, introduced a number of minor changes.

The first Kresta cruiser, commissioned in early 1967, carried a helicopter with a hangar and paved the way for the appearance a year later of Moskva, an 18,000-ton helicopter-carrier with eighteen Ka-25 Hormone helicopters embarked. She and her sistership Leningrad may well have been planned as the forerunners of a large class but no more were completed. Their duties were clearly anti-submarine as reflected in the majority of Soviet type built up, I Below: The excellent lines and heavy armament of the Kiev class the skill and ingenuity of the CIS's naval designers.

The last three ships of the class are also fitted with the DSBV-61 TACTASS 1 passive, linear, The towed principle helicopters. operate at array. ASW depths up to lightweight attack system ASW is provided by two Westland WG 13 DUAV-4 dipping-sonar, which can 495ft (148m) and are armed with US Honeywell Mk46 These use the Sintra-Alcatel torpedoes. The first four ships (D-640 to D-643) operate in the Mediterranean and may be modernised to bring them up t< the same standard as the last three in the mid-1990s.

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